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Founder Nicole Verbeeck knew exactly what Juneau Cayenne shouldn’t be – an environment where they had to conform rather than be who they authentically are.
Now 13 years in, our early ambitions hold true. Here’s our story:
“At Juneau Cayenne we recognize the world doesn’t need just another agency.”

My journey began not with a grand vision or a master plan, but with a simple desire to make a difference. Growing up, I was always drawn to stories – stories of resilience, of triumph, of hope. It was through these stories that I discovered the power of communication – the power to educate, to inspire, to change lives.

My path led me to the pharmaceutical industry, where I was immersed in a world of science, innovation, and human ingenuity. It was here that I witnessed firsthand the incredible impact that campaigns could have – not just on business outcomes, but on people’s lives. From raising awareness about disease to a better understanding of science and technology, I saw the potential for campaigns to drive real, meaningful change.

However, when working with agencies, I also saw the challenges – the missed opportunities, the untapped potential, the gaps in communication and it was in those moments of reflection that the seed of an idea began to take root – a vision of a different kind of agency for healthcare and life sciences.

Surrounded by visionary leaders and guided by mentors who championed boldness and risk-taking, I uncovered a latent creativity. Constantly challenged to explore new avenues, I found my niche in shaping narratives, building reputations, and illuminating untold stories of science and innovation. The dynamic environment of the pharmaceutical industry provided fertile ground for developing an entrepreneurial spirit. It was this spirit that propelled me to found Juneau Cayenne.

We soon realized that the world doesn’t need just another agency. Even today, we see an industry inundated with promises of transformation and differentiation, yet often delivering more of the same. It became evident that merely adding another agency to the mix would not address deeper needs of clients or society at large. 

We embraced the opportunity to become something else. Our purpose is simple yet profound. We aim for better campaigns – not just for brands, but for humanity. We aim for campaigns that help to prevent cancer by raising awareness about early detection and lifestyle choices. We aim for campaigns that improve health literacy by breaking down complex medical jargon into accessible, understandable language. We aim for better campaigns  that improve access to innovative treatments by advocating for policy changes and breaking down barriers to care. But more than just campaigns, we aim for impact – impact that transcends metrics and KPIs, impact that touches hearts, changes minds, and saves lives.

I also knew exactly what Juneau Cayenne shouldn’t be – an environment where we have to conform rather than be who we authentically are. Now 13 years in, we have grown into a network of passionate people and our early ambitions hold true.

Over the past 13 years, we’ve expanded our reach from serving a single client to curating a diverse portfolio of global clientele. With over two decades of industry expertise, our journey has taken us from Brussels to Geneva, to London, New York, and Orlando. Today, Juneau Cayenne operates as a 100% remote team, reflecting our belief in the power of creative collaboration transcending geographical boundaries. We prioritize our team’s comfort and inspiration, allowing them to work from wherever they feel most productive.

Starting a business is a treat. It’s also really challenging. The reason Juneau Cayenne works is we know who we are – and who we’re not. We know when to hand something off, and when to take it ourselves. We have ambition, the usual insecurities, and all the other stuff that keeps us human. Our mission: Through campaigns, we hope to equip people and organizations with the fuel they need to be a catalyst for change in the world.

We’re the kind of agency you may need today. You may need shorter meetings and a faster process. You may need to talk the people who actually do the work.

We’ve never shied away from the toughest challenges; instead, we’ve embraced them as chances to showcase our ingenuity and resilience. This mindset permeates every aspect of our work, driving us to consistently push beyond boundaries and set new standards of excellence. At Juneau Cayenne, the impossible is just another opportunity waiting to be conquered.

Nicole Verbeeck

Founder and Head of Campaigns

Juneau Cayenne

We make campaigns that transform commercial and societal challenges into opportunities for health.


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