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Extraordinary Healthcare Communications

Juneau Cayenne is a one-of-a-kind creative design, content and technology lab specialized in healthcare and life sciences communications. We craft truly innovative storytelling experiences for our clients in healthcare and life sciences. We believe in helping the healthcare and life sciences sector achieve its bold visions of improving the lives of patients and communities through daring creative solutions. Campaigns, online, print, on-air, in the office or on the street. We create innovative advertising, medical education, sales and marketing, digital communications, event production.

A selection of our signature moments in healthcare communications

We create extraordinary signature moments for our clients in healthcare and life sciences. They mark important moments in our history of unique creations. Clients are looking to us for the creative layer. We are placing creativity at the forefront in a world where audiences are quick to click and swipe. We are eschewing traditional practises in storytelling that might limit possibilities.

We aim to inspire audiences as much as inform. Our areas of expertise include content creation, editorial strategy, content marketing with a twist. We craft campaigns, editorial content, advertorials, news-making headlines, research advance stories across the life sciences utilizing print and online media. We provide our clients with custom publishing solutions across multiple platforms and customized dazzling creative educational content. We adopt our limitless artistry to create powerful storytelling in the real world.


Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, the unstoppables and the brave and bold. For you to reach new heights.

Nicole Verbeeck

Founder, Juneau Cayenne