The Healthcare Story Lab

Healthcare and Life Sciences Communications is our Single Focus

Juneau Cayenne is a creative design, content and technology lab crafting innovative storytelling and communication experiences for our clients in healthcare and life sciences.

We fuse content, design and innovation to create transformative storytelling and communication experiences about medical and technological innovation, disease awareness or health that deeply connect with your audiences, customers, patients and employees. What you can expect from Juneau Cayenne is deep sector knowledge and a sharp creative edge.

Our pride rests in the real difference our clients make in people’s lives.

Three Disciplines

Our services span 3 disciplines: creative, content and technology. We create unique experience that inspire and educate and help our clients to reimagine what’s possible. We visualize stories by building creativity and technology into every single interaction. Our stories take many formats: magazines, video, pictures, interactive walls, presentations, infographics, … We have a mature portfolio that shows passion, innovation and courage.


Juneau Cayenne is a group of interdisciplinary creatives. We are designers, writers, filmmakers, animators, producers, creative technologists, and much more. We are a small team that pushes for memorable experiences. Stories that move you. That’s our key question: does it move you or not? Does it make you laugh, cry, does it make you feel inspired? If not, it’s not good. We want to give our audiences something, information, inspiration or joy. To achieve that we use creativity.

We combine creativity with fast rigor to make something that, in the end, will be amazing.


Our areas of expertise include content creation, editorial strategy, content marketing. We create editorial content, advertorials, we craft news-making headlines, communicate research advances across the life sciences utilizing print and online media. We provide our clients with custom publishing solutions across multiple platforms and customized educational content.

We stay abreast of technological and scientific advances in healthcare and life sciences. With expertise gained in companies and at agency side, we are eager to go the extra mile for ambitious startups as well as established healthcare brands.

We transform content in something amazing.


We innovate the future of storytelling. We are leveraging the best that technology has to offer, to create immersive storytelling experiences. We take an innovative approach to how we tell stories, creating new methods, technologies, and educational campaigns.

We adopt leading-edge technologies to make stories more interactive, immersive and social. We are working to make audiences into active participants in the story.