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Juneau Cayenne is a group of interdisciplinary creatives for healthcare and life sciences. We are designers, writers, filmmakers, producers and explorers creating unexpected and daring creative solutions for healthcare and life sciences.

Daring creative

We work in an exciting healthcare and life sciences industry taking on our toughest challenges that we face as a society in remarkable ways – from preventing and eradicating disease to achieving universal healthcare. But you wouldn’t notice the golden age of progress and possibility from the majority of healthcare communications. We believe in helping the healthcare and life sciences sector achieve its bold visions of improving the lives of patients and communities through daring creative solutions. 


With our fighting spirit and energy, we support in remarkable ways the science and technology that will make it possible to conquer disease. We help to build strong healthcare brands through creative storytelling.

Campaigns, online, print, on-air, in the office or on the street. We create innovative advertising, medical education, sales and marketing, digital communications, event production.


We see work all the time that is really well thought through and makes perfect sense, but it misses a spark. We create that spark.