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In the healthcare spotlight, Carl June stands as a pioneer with his groundbreaking work on a 'universal CAR-T' therapy, potentially reshaping cancer treatment. Simultaneously, an industry-backed film sheds light on the looming global threat of antimicrobial resistance, underlining the urgent need for collaborative efforts to address this crisis. Meanwhile, Novo Nordisk's ascent to Europe's most valuable pharmaceutical company demonstrates the dynamic nature of healthcare markets, signifying significant shifts in industry value.

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The 10 highest value R&D projects in biopharma

by Fierce Biotech

Handful of biotechs expected to IPO this fall, but many are stuck in ‘holding pattern’ until 2024

by Endpoints News


5 names to know at Facebook: the people behind its push into health care

by Stat


The world will need to stop piggybacking on US pharma

by Financial Times

Global threat of antibiotic resistance highlighted in new film supported by Pfizer, MSD, Shionogi and AMR Action Fund

by Endpoints News

Pharma industry reputation settles into ‘new normal’ after goodwill from insulin price drop fades

by Endpoints News

Weight-loss drug maker Novo Nordisk becomes Europe’s most valuable company`

by Financial Times


Reshaping biopharma marketing with point-of-care messaging

by MM+M


Carl June unveils a plan for a ‘universal CAR-T’


3D-printed tumors: startup hopes to drive cancer drug discovery



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