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Roche improves its phase 3 biotech pipeline. Real-world data boosts healthcare engagement. Novartis rebrands its research labs. Big Pharma battles the Biden Administration. Concerns arise about the Inflation Reduction Act's impact on new medicines. CMS assesses pharmaceutical innovation. The UK rejoins the EU's Horizon science scheme, and Alzheimer's discourse is being reframed.


Roche places 'stronger gates' on phase 3 pipeline to reduce failure rate

by Fierce Biotech 


Labs: the (overlooked) building block of Universal Health Coverage



A new measure of success in 2023: Leveraging audience as currency

by MM+M

How using real world data across channels can better engage healthcare providers and patients

by MM+M


Why Novartis is changing the name of its research labs


Big Pharma’s Battle With the Biden Administration Could Have Legs

by The Wall Street Journal

The Inflation Reduction Act Will Lead To Fewer New Medicines

by Forbes

Pharmaceutical Innovativeness Is Highly Variable, As CMS Will Soon Find Out When It Assesses Drugs It Selected For Negotiation

by Forbes 


Britain rejoins EU’s Horizon science scheme


We must reframe the discussion on Alzheimer’s disease

by BioCentury


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