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The biotech venture capital sector shows potential growth following one firm's crisis-to-profit success. Healthcare practitioners' attention is drawn to non-physical health side effects, while a new study reveals a 50% global risk of developing mental health conditions by age 75. FDA's updated rules for drug advertising on TV and radio are close to implementation. Bristol Myers employs real patients in a digital psoriasis campaign, AbbVie intensifies corporate awareness efforts through social and digital channels, and Genentech updates spinal muscular atrophy initiatives. Bayer's new CEO considers structural changes, patient perspectives prompt reflections on clinical trials, and CEOs expressing worry that EU pharma package could potentially redirect investments to other regions, such as America.


Are biotech VCs headed for better times? In one firm’s success, lessons for turning crisis into profit

by Stat

Global Health

Doctors need to pay more attention to non-physical side effects of health care

by Stat

Half of people worldwide at risk of developing mental health condition by age 75, per new study

by Stat


The patient perspective on clinical trials: what needs to change?


Why Big Pharma might think twice about running away to America


Bayer's new CEO Anderson weighs structural change

by Fierce Pharma


AbbVie doubles down on corporate awareness efforts in latest social and digital campaign

by Endpoints News

Bristol Myers introduces real patients in digital and social Sotyktu psoriasis campaign

by Endpoints News

Genentech updates spinal muscular atrophy effort with new design, social media and ‘Real Talk’

by Endpoints News

Policy & Regulation

FDA's updated rules for drug advertising for TV and radio near the finish line

by Endpoints News


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