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From the challenge of tackling the 'silent pandemic' of superbugs, to Pharma navigating through an 'age of uncertainty' with hurdles like regulatory challenges, patent cliffs, and Medicare's drug pricing negotiations. Insights on the Innovative Medicines Fund critique, orphan drugs' unique dynamics, and the breakthrough potential of Y chromosome sequencing captivate the field. Don't miss out on the latest developments in the fight against cancer, with President Biden's $24M investment in mRNA tech and the proposal for a paediatric cancer fund. And in the marketing arena, Moderna's inspirational 'Change Makers' campaign featuring tennis legend Arthur Ashe and Sanofi's impactful meningitis awareness initiative showcase the power of storytelling and purpose-driven initiatives.

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Superbugs: why it’s so hard to stop the ‘silent pandemic’ 

by Financial Times


Moderna highlights tennis legend Arthur Ashe in second ‘Change Makers’ campaign at US Open, ahead of fall vaccine season

by Endpoints News

Sanofi flies new flag for meningitis awareness, marking one year to the Paris Paralympics with three Team Sanofi athletes

by Endpoints News


Pharma enters ‘age of uncertainty’ amid challenges from IRA, FTC and patent cliffs

by Endpoints News

Winners and losers from Medicare’s list of drugs subject to price negotiation


ABPI, researchers criticize NHS’ Innovative Medicines Fund, with no new therapies available over a year after formation

by Endpoints News

Orphan drugs: small markets, large rewards

by Financial Times


Biden awards $24M to develop mRNA tech targeting cancer, other diseases

by Endpoints News

The first complete sequence of Y chromosome offers chance to solve longstanding genetic mysteries


Non-profit and industry investors propose paediatric cancer fund

by Financial Times


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