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Amidst the biotech landscape, widespread layoffs persist, prompting reflections on their implications for the industry's future. Efforts to address diversity in medical illustrations gain momentum through a Nigerian doctor's initiative. Google emerges as a burgeoning force in healthcare innovation. Concerns arise about industry connections to patient advocacy board members and executives. Research proposes novel financing methods for pediatric cancer R&D. The UK allocates substantial investment in 17 biopharma manufacturers. Pharma business development leverages regional expertise, emphasizing equitable access to new medical modalities. In public health, the US government commits $1.4 billion to advance COVID therapies and vaccines. AbbVie elevates awareness about mental health and skin conditions through collaboration with patients, physicians, and a celebrity spokesperson.


Mass Layoffs Continue Across The Biotech Sector. What Does This Mean For Pharma’s Future?

by Forbes


Medical illustrations neglect people with dark skin. A Nigerian doctor-to-be is working to change that


US govt awards $1.4 bln for development of new COVID therapies, vaccines

by Reuters


Google Is Rapidly Becoming A Healthcare Powerhouse

by Forbes


Top Patient Advocacy Orgs Have Industry Ties in Leadership, Study Shows

by MedPageToday

Researchers suggest new methods to finance pediatric cancer R&D — Nature paper

by Endpoints News

UK invests $13M+ in 17 biopharma manufacturers

by Endpoints News

Pharma BD: taking advantage of regional modality expertise

by Biocentury

Equitable access to new modalities: from innovation to reimbursement

by Biocentury


AbbVie raises awareness around mental health and skin conditions with patients, docs and a celebrity spokesperson

by Endpoints News


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