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The UK's 'Golden Triangle' is set to expand with new lab and manufacturing facilities as a new £1 billion life science campus gains approval for construction. Former biotech leader Vivek Ramaswamy's emergence in U.S. presidential polls raises questions about his impact on the life sciences sector. Meanwhile, YouTube takes steps to combat misinformation about cancer treatment, while radiation therapy, a traditional cornerstone of cancer treatment, sees a decline in usage. Deep-seated issues in the U.S. healthcare system, from drug shortages to high prices, come to the fore. Biopharma companies report optimistic earnings amidst a growth surge. The industry takes a comprehensive approach by conducting a 360° survey to listen to the voices of sites and patients. In the marketing domain, the evolving commercial model witnesses the rise of a new pharma marketer, and Bristol Myers releases a corporate brand 'anthem' film celebrating its scientific endeavors. Pharma companies also seek collaboration with medical social influencers in novel agency partnerships. 


More lab and manufacturing space coming to the UK's 'Golden Triangle'

By Endpoints News 

As former biotech leader Vivek Ramaswamy jumps in the presidential polls, what does he say for the life sciences brand?

By Fierce Pharma 


YouTube cracks down on misinformation on cancer treatment

By Stat

Radiation, a mainstay of cancer treatment, begins a fade-out

By Stat 

From drug shortages to high prices, U.S. system’s shortcomings have deep roots

By Stat 


Biopharma half-time report: Riding growth wave with upbeat earnings

By BioCentury 

Listening to Site and Patient Voices – 360° Industry Survey

By Fierce Biotech 


The rise of the new pharma marketer in an evolving commercial model

By BioPharmaDive 

Bristol Myers debuts corporate brand ‘anthem’ film on digital and social channels, celebrating its science and people

By Endpoints News 

Pharma companies look to tap medical social influencers in new agency partnership

By Endpoints News 


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