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The biotech sector faces a crisis in gene therapy, with leading experts seeking solutions. The FDA's accelerated approval process is likely to focus on more rare disease drugs. Early-stage biopharma funding is expected to drop 40% this year, while pharma deals aim for innovation and first-in-class drugs. New molecular entities (NMEs) have seen significant progress this year. In the marketing realm, pharmaceutical companies are employing various strategies, including social media campaigns and key opinion leader (KOL) talks to boost drug uptake. On the policy and regulation front, the EU has approved data sharing with the US, and highlights the upcoming deadline for the EU HTA regulation.


Gene therapy is in crisis. For nine hours, the field’s leading minds looked for a solution 

by Stat News

The future of accelerated approval for FDA's Marks? More rare disease drugs and no 'hanging chads'

by Fierce Biotech


Early-Stage Biopharma Funding to Drop 40% This Year: Report

by BioSpace   

Pharma deals seek novelty with heavy focus on first-in-class

by Biocentury 

Banner year for NMEs so far

by Biocentury 


MarketingRx roundup: Sanofi teases #DefeatMeningitis on social; Moderna launches mRNAMonday series on Threads

by Endpoint News

Tatiana Prowell, Vincent Rajkumar are biggest oncology influencers on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter

by Fierce Pharma 

Pre-launch KOL talks linked to 1.5-time boost to drug uptake

by Fierce Pharma 

Policy & Regulation

EU approves data sharing with the US

by Good Day Bio 

What you need to know about the EU HTA regulation before deadline


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